Stay Classy… So Close!

As many of you may be aware, we are getting close to completing the Stay Classy achievement.

Why is this achievement worthing mentioning? Well, once we complete it, GLS will have it’s 8th and Final Guild Bank Tab. Yay!

In order for us to achieve this, we need to have a one of every Race/Class Combo at Lvl 85 with at least Honored Rep with the Guild. With ideas from the guild, and eventually a stellar suggestion from Acaila, we decided to put a bounty on these missing combinations. 2,000 Gold for the Guild member who helps us get one of the ones we are missing.

Here are the details and with current updates of where we are now.

Dwarf – Warrior (Achieved by Starkaad)
Dwarf – Death Knight (Achieved by Roydrage)
Dwarf – Warlock (Achieved by Aysli)
Dwarf – Rogue (Achieved by Grimslade)
Human – Hunter (Achieved by Powel)
Draenei – Priest (Closest to the Achievement – Naleena Lvl 82 & Darkisis Lvl 80)
Night Elf – Warrior (Achieved by Depidimera)

Thanks to those working on this Achievement for us. Your hard work is very much appreciated. :)

**Update – 30th July 2011**
Just two to go now. Melhakeem’s Dwarf Rogue Grimslade hit 85 and Honored in the early hours of Saturday. Depidimera changed from being a Draenei to a Night Elf to take out the Night Elf Warrior Race/Class Combo. This was unintentional, as Depi was race changing to take advantage of one of the Night Elfs Racial bonuses to help with tanking.

**Update – 10th August 2011**
Just one to go Now. Aysli, a Dwarven Warlock, hit Lvl 85 and Honored with the Guild on Tuesday. She specifically leveled a toon from 1 – 85 for this achievement to help us, so more than anyone else, she deserves a HUGE thank you for what she has achieved. Now we need to dump a tonne of pressure on the Draenei Priests of the Guild to level up… and the closest to doing that is Naleena.

One to Go!

Track Naleena’s progress here: Naleena
Track Darkisis’ progress here: Darkisis

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This is just an FYI to let everyone know that we’ll be doing some site maintenance in the next couple of months. The Facebook group has already been converted to the new group style and you may notice some minor changes to the look and feel of the site. We’ll also be doing some overhauling of the forums which we hope will make things easier and more user friendly. We’d like to see more activity on the site and welcome any suggestions you might have as to how we can make the site better.

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It’s getting tough.

Just a quick update on our Guild XP.

The past two days, we have struggled to get our Maximum Guild XP per day capped. With fewer people logging in at the moment, it’s becoming exceptionally tough to achieve.

Last night was exceptionally painful. When I logged in at 9.45pm ST we have just 55% of our Daily Allowance and there were only 5 of us on. Over the course of the night, Myself, Izarella and Spyteful logged in and out on various toons to do dailies on toons, we did a Heroic with Basement and a normal dungeon with Moohammer.

It was a Massive, very very tiring effort. Infact, the amazing thing is… we only achieved it with 4 mins to spare before the end of the day.

With numbers of people who are logging in on the decline, we may have to face the very real possibility that we will start missing our XP Cap. Two nights in a row, it’s been very hard work to get it, and last night I was 2.5 hours past my bed time before we finished, and I felt satisfied we had achieved our 100% for the day.

If you are on, please consider doing some dailies, or some quests… all you can to help us keep pace with Max Guild XP per day. This will give us a real shot at having a race to Lvl 25 in the middle of the year.

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The Guild Bank – Guild Bank Gold for Repairs

With the much appreciated help of and feedback from various members of the guild, we are now in a position to open the Guild Bank up to our members. It?s taken a good amount of time sorting thru things to get it to this state, and while I am not 100% happy, I am pleased to be in a position where we can start utilising the Bank Tabs and the Guild Bank Gold.

To begin with, Gnome Land Security is a Unique guild with its large and varied membership, so while there were examples to follow, there was no single model that I came across that was applicable to what may or may not work with us. I stuck with a single vision in sorting this out and that was to be fair.

The Guild Bank Tab Access and Guild Gold for Repair rules are listed below. We will trial these Daily Allowances and monitor what condition our Bank is in and make any changes to fix it as we go along.

Part One – Guild Gold for Repairs.

As many of you know, each time you loot something, an extra percentage of the gold/silver/copper that you loot is added to the guild bank, thus slowly building up our coffers. After analysing our daily input versus the number of guild members that log on each day and their corresponding rank, I started to get a pretty good idea of our intake and potential outgoings.

On average, the Guild adds 140-150g to the Guild Bank per day. During a 24 hour period, the average number of non-management and non-fledgling toons to log into GLS is 66 (25 Constable, 37 Operative & 4 Special Agents). Based on this data, and the fact that not every toon is going to need repairs, or just logged in to check mail, I was able to run some simple numbers against the three ranks I would like to see benefit from the Guild Repairs.

Firstly, I expect the Guild Bank to run at a Loss when it comes to Gold Donations from Looting vs Withdrawls for Repairs so, taking that into consideration I have allowed for the following :

Rank: Constable – 3 Gold per day available for Repairs.
Rank: Operative – 6 Gold per day available for Repairs.
Rank: Special Agent – 15 Gold per day available for Repairs.

After discussions with our Guilds Deputies and Officers, it was decided that the money would not be used for our own Repairs or that of our Alts (Double Agents). The Guild Gold is there for our Regular Members benefit.

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The Three Amigos!

From left to right: Dora, Flan & Poco.

Do you have a picture of your adventures that you want to show off to the Guild? Make sure your file is uploaded to a file sharting website, then PM Fille thru the forums with the URL to your picture enclosed.

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